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In collaboration with Tourist Tours, Hotel Huberty organizes a fully catered weekend. During this weekend you will see the most beautiful areas of beautiful Luxembourg during a car trip of about 150 kilometers. In the evenings delicious meals are provided in the hotel and in the morning a nice breakfast is served before the tourist tour through the beautiful Luxembourg is started.


Friday: late afternoon arrival at Hotel Huberty in Kautenbach.

Early evening dinner in the cozy restaurant located below the hotel.

Saturday: 9:00 AM breakfast, then the tourist tour starts at 10:00 AM.

During this day, the most beautiful places in Luxembourg will be visited, a special and fully catered day in which the participants are transported in a luxury car. Along the way we will stop for a cup of coffee.

At noon, a Chinese buffet takes place in the historic town of Echternach.

Arrival in Kautenbach between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, after which a sandwich meal will be served.

Sunday: breakfast starts in the morning, after which the participants have the rest of the day to themselves and eventually leave for the Netherlands.

Costs of this package, including all components described above:

€ 175.00 per person with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants.

This package can also be supplemented with transport from the Netherlands and back. All participants are collected from home and brought home on Sunday.

Cost of this package:

€ 225.00 per person with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants and only valid outside school holidays.

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