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This wonderfully quiet region really has everything to offer. The Luxembourg Ardennes are internationally known for their valleys and green landscapes.

It is a real paradise for mountain bikers, cyclists, hikers, motorcyclists and train enthusiasts.

And of course young and old can also enjoy the beautiful themed walking routes.

Everyone can indulge themselves here, beautiful views, nice climbs, beautiful curves. A freshness like nowhere else, wooded areas, untamed nature. Many train enthusiasts visit the cute little station of Kautenbach, which is located at a junction and from the train it shows a unique piece of nature.

The north of Luxembourg is called the Ösling and is part of the Ardennes. The area has an average altitude between 400 and 500 meters and consists of many forested mountains, hills and river valleys.

The Kneiff is the highest point in the country with its 560 meters.

In the north of the country on the German border is also the 789 km² German-Luxembourg Nature Park (of which 357 km² is located in Luxembourg). Other nature parks in the Ösling are the Nature Park Our and the Nature Park Obersauer.

The southern part of the country can be called hilly. It is less rugged and therefore more suitable for agriculture, so more people live in this area and there is more industry than in the north. It is therefore also known as the Gutland and it belongs to the territory of Lorraine. The area shows more diversity than the north and can be divided geographically into different sub-regions.

The Luxembourg Plateau in south-central Luxembourg is a large, flat sandstone formation on which the country's capital is located.

Little Switzerland (with the Mullerthal) is a rocky terrain with dense forests and is a tourist attraction. Here is a well-known waterfall, the Schiessentümpel . The Moselle Valley is the lowest sub-region and extends to the southern border of the country.


Viticulture in Luxembourg takes place along the southeastern border of the country.

They are predominantly light, fresh white summer wines. And many sparkling wines are also made.


The Luxembourger is a real gourmet. Often there is the kitchen with a French touch. But, with the German portions.

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